Flywheel Review 2019

After 10 months of live testing in 2019, let’s package up all the Flywheel test results and find out how they’ve performed so far…

Flywheel Review – Testing Method

  • Prior to testing, I have setup identical content on all 6 Live Test Sites
  • Each week over 60,000 speed & uptime tests are run using independent tools, GTmetrix & Pingdom
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  • Test results below are from 07 Jan 2019 to 27 Oct 2019

Test #1: Speed

The GTmetrix Speed Test checks how long it takes for a website to fully load using a desktop internet browser. This test is then repeated every hour throughout the week (1,080 times).

  • Flywheel was solid in USA testing across Weeks 1 to 10 with a 3rd place finish. When we moved our servers to Canada & UK, Flywheel experienced a step improvement in speeds along with 2nd place finishes. Then in the latest results in India, Flywheel jumped up again to be the fastest host across Weeks 31 to 40.
  • Flywheel is currently ranked in 2nd place in our Speed Rankings.
2019 Flywheel Speed Table - Overall

2019 Results – USA Server

2019 Flywheel Speed Chart - USA Server
2019 Flywheel Speed Table - USA Server

2019 Results – Canada Server

2019 Flywheel Speed Chart - Canada Server
2019 Flywheel Speed Table - Canada Server

2019 Results – UK Server

2019 Flywheel Speed Chart - UK Server
2019 Flywheel Speed Table - UK Server

2019 Results – INDIA Server

2019 Flywheel Speed Chart - India Server
2019 Flywheel Speed Table - India Server

Test #2: Uptime

The Pingdom Uptime Test confirms that the website is actually accessible to visitors. This test is then repeated every minute throughout the week (60,480 times).

  • The uptime performance for Flywheel across 40 weeks has been exceptional. With only 26 minutes of downtime across that time, they have successfully avoided long outages. 
  • Flywheel is currently ranked 3rd in our Uptime Rankings.
Flywheel 2019 Uptime Test Results

Flywheel Review – Overall ranking

The Overall Ranking accumulates the results from the speed & uptime tests to determine the #1 Host.

  • Flywheel have recorded consistently impressive uptime throughout. And after a solid start with their speed results early in 2019, things have really taken off in the last 35 weeks, consistently taking out top 3 finishes. Being the fastest host in India has propelled Flywheel into the coveted #1 ranking.
  • Flywheel is sitting 1st in our Overall Rankings.
2019 Flywheel Overall Rank

How does Flywheel compare to our 5 other Hosts?