Flywheel Review 2019

After 3 months of live testing in 2019, let’s package up all the Flywheel test results and find out how they’ve performed so far…

Flywheel Review – Testing Method

  • Prior to testing, I have setup identical content on all 6 Live Test Sites
  • Each week over 60,000 speed & uptime tests are run using independent tools, GTmetrix & Pingdom

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  • Test results below are from 07 Jan 2019 to 17 Mar 2019

Test #1: Speed

The GTmetrix Speed Test checks how long it takes for a website to fully load using a desktop internet browser. This test is then repeated every hour throughout the week (1,080 times).

  • Flywheel was the slowest premium host through the first 5 weeks of testing. However, once WP Rocket was introduced for Weeks 6 to 10, there was a dramatic improvement. Flywheel was the 2nd fastest premium host during this time.
  • Flywheel is currently ranked in 3rd place in our Speed Rankings.
2019 Flywheel Speed Table - Overall

2019 Results – USA Server

2019 Flywheel Speed Chart - USA Server
2019 Flywheel Speed Table - USA Server

Test #2: Uptime

The Pingdom Uptime Test confirms that the website is actually accessible to visitors. This test is then repeated every minute throughout the week (60,480 times).

  • The uptime performance for Flywheel across the 10 weeks was 2nd worse across all hosts. Having said that, their downtime was only 7 minutes across that time. So it was actually a very good result for Flywheel.
  • Flywheel is currently ranked 5th in our Uptime Rankings.
Flywheel 2019 Uptime Test Results

Flywheel Review – Overall ranking

The Overall Ranking accumulates the results from the speed & uptime tests to determine the #1 Host.

  • While Flywheel’s uptime was impressive, its speed is where I would like to see improvement. The region that seems to cause Flywheel the biggest issue is Australia, recording the 2nd slowest time with WP Rocket on board. Let’s see if there can be improvement when the server changes over to Canada.
  • Flywheel is sitting 4th in our Overall Rankings.
2019 Flywheel Overall Rank

How does Flywheel compare to our 5 other Hosts?