Overall Rankings

After 2+ Years of Testing, let’s combine all the results and see who is #1 in our Overall Rankings?

Weekly Testing Method

  • Compare 8 WordPress Hosts
  • Use 8 Live Sites, each with a Different Host but with Identical Content (you can check them out here)
  • Each week speed & uptime tests are run using independent tools, GTmetrix & Pingdom
  • GTmetrix Logo 50Pingdom Logo 50

  • After 116 Weeks, a Total of 9,510,144 Tests have been performed


WordPress Hosts

Identical Live Sites

Total Tests

Overall Rankings – Apr 2016 to Jul 2018

Congratulations to Lightning Base who is crowned our Overall #1 Ranked Host!!

It is impressive indeed that Lightning Base is ranked 1st in both the Speed & Uptime tests! This consistency has ensured Lightning Base has led ever since they were added in Apr 2017 – what an addition!!

The 2 hosts at the bottom of our rankings have both been replaced. A2 Hosting was removed on 28 Jan 2017 due to unacceptable downtimes, while DreamHost have were replaced on 23 Apr 2017 due to poor uptime and unacceptable speed. Namecheap replaced A2 Hosting and Lightning Base replaced DreamHost.

And the turnaround story of 2018 so far is Bluehost. With only 6 minutes of downtime, their reliability has been #1, while their speed has jumped to #4. When you consider across 2016 & 2017 they were in the bottom 2 hosts, this years performance has been remarkable!! The reward is they have jumped in the Overall Rankings from #8 to #4.

As we enter into the second half of 2018, the main questions I have are:

  1. Will Bluehost’s turnaround continue, are we seeing the start of a new dawn?
  2. Off the back of #1 speed and #2 uptime across H1 2018, SiteGround has narrowed the gap to Lightning Base. I am keen to find out if this trend will continue and ultimately then, will SiteGround be able to overtake Lightning Base as our #1 host?

And if your target audience is focused in 1 region, make sure you check out the Regional Rankings, where the results are split into North America, Europe & Asia Pacific.

Overall Rankings Chart - Apr 2016 to Jul 2018
Overall Rankings Table - Apr 2016 to Jul 2018

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04 Apr 2016 to 07 Jul 2018

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