Let’s line up our hosts and see who is fastest this week in Dallas?

Desktop Speed Test – Week 51 Method

  • Compare 8 WordPress Hosts
  • Use 8 Live Sites, each with a Different Host but with Identical Content (you can check them out here)
  • Use GTmetrix Speed Test

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  • Location of Test: Dallas, USA
  • Frequency of Testing: Every Hour for 7 Days
  • Number of Weekly Tests = 1 x24 x7 x8 = 1,344 (xHours xDays xSites)
  • Desktop Speed Testing is checking how long it takes for a website to fully load using a desktop internet browser

Which WordPress Host will conquer the Desktop Speed Test this week?

WordPress Hosts

Identical Live Sites

Weekly Tests

WordPress Host #1: SiteGround

WordPress Host #2: Namecheap

WordPress Host #3: GoDaddy

WordPress Host #4: DreamHost

WordPress Host #5: InMotion Hosting

WordPress Host #6: HostGator

WordPress Host #7: Bluehost

WordPress Host #8: Web Hosting Hub

Desktop Speed Test – Week 51 Summary Table

The winner this week is GoDaddy with a time of 1.11s. This time is just behind the Dallas record of 1.02s set by HostGator in Week 21.

On our last visit to Dallas with Kraken setup (in Week 48), the average page load time for our 8 hosts was 2.60s. This week with Kraken replaced with ShortPixel, the average load time is slightly slower at 2.42s. Once again, DreamHost has performed extremely poorly, if we remove their results from both, the average for Kraken is 2.00s, while ShortPixel is 1.96s.

This is the first week of our ShortPixel Speed Study and it’s looking as though it will be a close contest between Kraken and ShortPixel.

Next week we’re off to London, as we complete this deep dive into finding the best performing Image Optimizer.

Desktop Speed Test Results - Week 51 Summary Table

And for the 2nd Week in a Row
the Winner is…

Desktop Speed Rankings

After 9 months of testing, let’s summarize all the results to see how our 8 hosts are performing overall. It will also allow us to find out which host is currently leading our desktop speed challenge.

Who is Fastest after 9 Months?