It’s another 1st with a speed test from China, who comes out on top?

Desktop Speed Test – Week 7 Method

  • Compare 8 WordPress Hosts
  • Use 8 Live Sites, each with a Different Host but with Identical Content (you can check them out here)
  • Use GTmetrix Speed Test

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  • Location of Test: Hong Kong, China
  • Frequency of Testing: Every Hour for 7 Days
  • Total Number of Tests = 1 x24 x7 x8 = 1,344 (xHours xDays xSites)
  • Desktop Speed Testing is checking how long it takes for a website to fully load using a desktop internet browser

Which WordPress Host will conquer the Desktop Speed Test this week?

WordPress Hosts

Identical Live Sites

Total Tests

WordPress Host #1: SiteGround

WordPress Host #2: A2 Hosting

WordPress Host #3: GoDaddy

WordPress Host #4: DreamHost

WordPress Host #5: InMotion Hosting

WordPress Host #6: HostGator

WordPress Host #7: Bluehost

WordPress Host #8: Web Hosting Hub

Desktop Speed Test – Week 7 Summary Table

The battle for 1st really hotted up in China; with A2 Hosting, InMotion Hosting & Web Hosting Hub all within 0.09s. There can only be 1 winner, and once again A2 Hosting has come out on top and now owns the title of fastest in China – Well Done!!

The major changes in rankings from last week belong to InMotion Hosting, who jumped up 2 spots to 2nd, while GoDaddy had a rare poor week, dropping 2 spots to 4th place.

We are once again testing from a new location next week, this time from India. Will A2 Hosting make it 5 in a row?

Desktop Speed Test Results - Week 7 Summary Table

Desktop Speed Test – Week 7 Winner


For the 4th week in a row,
The Winner is…

A2 Hosting