I was recently given the chance to try out Interact Quiz Builder, so I thought it would be a good idea to build a quiz around which of our Top 2 Hosts (Lightning Base or SiteGround) would be the best fit for you. I’ll step you through how I created this using Interact…

Interact Quiz Builder Tutorial – Step by Step

Step 1: First up we need to head over to Interact and click Get Started for Free.

Getting Started with Interact - Screenshot 1

Step 2: Complete the fields for Name, Email & Password. Then click Create Account.

Create Interact Account - Screenshot 2

Step 3: Let’s dive into creating our first quiz. Click Create New Quiz.

Create a New Quiz - Screenshot 3

Step 4: To make things a little easier on our first quiz, let’s start with a Template.

Quiz Template - Screenshot 4

Step 5: We now get the option to choose which industries template would suit us best. Let’s try Business.

Select Industry Template - Screenshot 5

Step 6: There are 3 different types of quizzes available: Assessment, Personality and Scored. Let’s create a quiz similar to those typically shown on BuzzFeed, so choose Personality.

Select Personality Quiz - Screenshot 6

Step 7: Now we get to choose from one of 14 peronality templates within the Business industry. Let’s choose this one around Personal Strength by clicking Use This Quiz.

Choose Best Quiz Template - Screenshot 7

Step 8: You get the opportunity to preview the quiz to confirm this will work as a good starting point. Once your happy with your choice, click Use This Template.

Use This Quiz Template - Screenshot 8

Building the Quiz

Step 9: Now that we have a template, it’s time to customize it to suit the type of quiz you want on your site. We can customize the Cover page and create the questions we want to see. For stock images, there’s a handy built in integration with Pixabay.

Customize Cover Page - Screenshot 9
Customize Quiz Questions - Screenshot 10

Step 10: Once your happy with the Cover & Questions, it’s time to move onto creating the Results pages as well as the correlation between questions and answers.

Customize Result Pages - Screenshot 11
Edit Result Correlations - Screenshot 12

Step 11: You also have the option to add an opt-in form for lead capture. And the good news is it integrates with all the popular email marketing programs like MailChimp, ConvertKit & AWeber.

Add an Opt-In Form - Screenshot 13
Integrate with Email Marketing Program - Screenshot 14

Step 12: The other feature that I personally think is the most impressive is the Branching Logic Editor. Here you can drag and drop unlimited combinations of questions and answers to ensure you have a truly personalized result. I ended up creating over 300 individual results using this Branching Logic capability.

Getting Started with Branching Logic - Screenshot 15
A Simple Example of Using Branching Logic - Screenshot 16

Steps 13 & 14: Once your happy with how your quiz is looking within Interact, the next step is to swing it onto your site. Click Share & Embed, then Publish Changes.

Share & Embed Quiz - Screenshot 17
Publish Changes - Screenshot 18

Step 15: There are a few options when it comes to displaying the quiz, but for mine, the Announcement Bar was the best option.

How to Promote Your Quiz - Screenshot 19

Steps 16 & 17: And because we’re all about WordPress, click WordPress Plugin. Then click Copy ID which we will drop into the plugin shortly.

Announcement Bar using WordPress - Screenshot 20
Copy Promotion ID for WordPress Plugin - Screenshot 21

WordPress Plugin

Steps 18 & 19: Now let’s quickly jump into WordPress and setup the Interact plugin. Go to Add Plugins, search for Interact and click Install Now. Then click Activate.

Install Interact WordPress Plugin - Screenshot 22
Activate Interact WordPress Plugin - Screenshot 23

Steps 20 to 22: Now click through to the Interact Settings and paste in the Promotion ID from Step 17. Then click Set Promotion ID.

Interact WordPress Settings - Screenshot 24
Paste Promotion ID - Screenshot 25

The Outcome

To see the final outcome, look to the top of the screen to kick off the quiz. I hope you find it helpful in deciding between Lightning Base & SiteGround.

WP Dingo Announcement Bar - Screenshot 26
WP Dingo Quiz - Screenshot 27


If you have any questions about this Interact Quiz Builder Tutorial, please feel free to ask in the comments below and I will try my best to answer them 🙂