As part of the Speed Study on MaxCDN & WP Rocket, the following steps were completed to setup MaxCDN with WP Rocket…

How to Setup MaxCDN with WP Rocket – Step by Step

Steps 1 & 2: First up, we need to get an account setup with MaxCDN. After signing up, click through to Zones and then Create Pull Zone.

MaxCDN Account Setup - Screenshot 1

Steps 3 to 6: Then enter the Pull Zone details. Steps 3 & 5 are up to you to decide, Step 4 should match your site address. Click Create to kickoff the setup process.

Add New Pull Zone - Screenshot 2

Step 7: You should then see a confirmation message that the zone has been successfully created. Click close to continue.

Zone Successfully Setup - Screenshot 3

Steps 8 & 9: [Optional] Setup a custom domain.

Add Custom Domain - Screenshot 4

WP Rocket Settings

Step 10: With the Zone now setup in MaxCDN, we head into WordPress and go to the WP Rocket settings and click on the CDN tab. Ensure the Enable Content Delivery Network is ticked, then enter the CDN CNAME as shown in the Step 8 & 9 MaxCDN image above.

Step 11: Then click Save Changes.

Integrate MaxCDN with WP Rocket - Screenshot 5

Steps 12 & 13: Now it’s time to empty the cache within WP Rocket as well as in MaxCDN.

Note: When you try to load your site, it may initially have blank images and look all messed up. I found that after waiting for around 5-10 minutes, everything cleared up and the site loaded normally again.

Clear WP Rocket Cache - Screenshot 6
Purge MaxCDN Cache - Screenshot 7


If you have any questions about this tutorial on How to Setup MaxCDN with WP Rocket, please feel free to ask in the comments below and I will try my best to answer them 🙂