As part of the 2016 Speed Study, the 2017 Speed Study and the 2018 Speed Study, W3 Total Cache was setup using the steps below…

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How to Setup W3 Total Cache – Step by Step

Install W3 Total Cache

Step 1: Go to the Add New Plugins page of WordPress. Type “W3 Total Cache” into the Search box and click enter.

WordPress Caching Plugin Installation - Screenshot 1

Step 2: To start installing the W3 Total Cache plugin, click Install Now.

How to Install WordPress Caching Plugin - Screenshot 2

Step 3: Then click Activate Plugin

Activate WordPress Caching Plugin - Screenshot 3

W3 Total Cache Settings

Step 4: Now that the plugin is installed and activated, click Settings

W3 Total Cache Settings - Screenshot 4

Step 5: On the General Settings page for W3 Total Cache, go to the Page Cache section. Check Enable for Page Cache.

Step 6: Click Save all Settings

W3 Total Cache - Page Cache - Screenshot 5

Step 7: Still on the General Settings page, go to the Minify section. Check Enable Minify.

Step 8: Then click Save All Settings

Minify Settings - Screenshot 6

Page Cache Settings

Step 9: Navigate to the Page Cache page within W3 Total Cache. Check Cache Feeds.

Steps 10 – 12: Also check Cache SSL Requests, Cache Requests only for your site. Then Save All Settings.

Page Cache Settings - Screenshot 7

Step 13: Still on the Page Cache page, go to the Cache Preload section. Check Automatically Prime the Page Cache.

Steps 14 & 15: Type in your sitemap URL. Click Save All Settings

Page Cache - Cache Preload - Screenshot 8

Step 16: Navigate down to Advanced (still within Page Cache). Check Enable Compatibility Mode and click Save All Settings

Page Cache Advanced - Screenshot 9

Minify Settings

Step 17: Go to the Minify page within W3 Total Cache. Check the 1st 4 boxes in the HTML Minify Settings section.

Step 18: Click Save All Settings.

Minify Settings - Screenshot 10

Step 19: Still within the Minify page go to the JS section and select the radio button Combine Only. Leave Default (blocking) as is.

Step 20: Click Save All Settings.

Minify JS Settings - Screenshot 11

Step 21: Still within the Minify page, go to the CSS section. Check Line Break Removal and choose @import handling to be Process.

Step 22: Click Save All Settings.

Minify CSS Settings - Screenshot 12

Browser Cache Settings

Steps 23 – 27: Go to the Browser Cache page within W3 Total Cache. Then check each of the boxes indicated in the image below.

Step 28: Click Save All Settings.

Browser Cache Settings - Screenshot 13

Step 29: We have now completed all the Settings. The final step is to go to the Dashboard page within W3 Total Cache and click Empty All Caches.

Empty All Caches - Screenshot 14


If you have any questions about this tutorial on How to Setup W3 Total Cache, please feel free to ask in the comments below and I will try my best to answer them 🙂