As part of the Speed Study on KeyCDN in 2016 and Speed Study on KeyCDN, Cloudflare & WP Rocket in 2017, the following steps were completed to setup KeyCDN with WP Rocket…

KeyCDN Logo 75

How to Setup KeyCDN – Step by Step

Step 1: First up, we need to get an account setup with KeyCDN. After signing up and activating through email, click through to Zones.

KeyCDN Account Setup - Screenshot 1

Step 2: Then click + New Zone.

Add New Zone - Screenshot 2

Step 3: Now we will setup a Pull Zone within KeyCDN. Add a Zone Name (“cdn” used in this example)

Steps 4 & 5: Add your Origin URL, which is your homepage. Click Save.

Add Zone Settings - Screenshot 3

Step 6: We now need to wait for about 5 minutes for the Zone to be setup. Once you see the Status change to Active, we’re ready to head into WordPress.

Active Pull Zone - Screenshot 4

WP Rocket Settings

Step 7: With the Zone now setup in KeyCDN, we head into WordPress and go to the WP Rocket settings and click on CDN. First up, tick Enable Content Delivery Network.

Step 8: Add the Zone URL from KeyCDN (as shown in the Step 6 screenshot above).

Step 9: Then click Save Changes. When you try to load your site, it may initially have blank images and look all messed up. I found that after waiting for around 5-10 minutes, everything cleared up and the site loaded normally again.

Integrate KeyCDN with WP Rocket - Screenshot 5


If you have any questions about this tutorial on How to Setup KeyCDN, please feel free to ask in the comments below and I will try my best to answer them 🙂