The following steps were completed to setup WP Rocket the 2016 Speed Study, the 2017 Speed Study and the 2018 Speed Study.

How to Setup WP Rocket – Step by Step

Step 1: Before installing WP Rocket, we need to first deactivate W3 Total Cache. Click Deactivate.

Deactivate W3 Total Cache - Screenshot 1

Step 2: With W3 Total Cache deactivated, let’s move onto installing W3 Total Cache. Click Add New.

Add New Plugin - Screenshot 2

Step 3: Then click Upload Plugin.

Upload Plugin - Screenshot 3

Step 4: Now we need to navigate to the WP Rocket zip file that you download from your Account Page after purchasing the plugin. Then click Install Now.

Install WP Rocket - Screenshot 4

Step 5: Then click Activate Plugin

Activate WP Rocket - Screenshot 5

Step 6: Now that WP Rocket is installed and activated, lets go check out the Settings. Click Settings.

WP Rocket Settings - Screenshot 6

Step 7: We now get to choose which features we would like to turn on. I have turned on all features except the File Optimisation for JS, due to some conflicts with my theme. Please also take care with File Optimisation for CSS, this can also cause some issues. After checking all the features, click Save Changes.

WP Rocket Basic Settings - Screenshot 7

Step 8: (Optional) There is just 1 change in the Advanced Options tab, and that is to add a DNS Prefetch for Google Fonts. This should shave a small amount of time off, and can be used for any external files that your theme calls upon. After adding the relevant files, remember to click Save Changes again.

WP Rocket Advanced Options - Screenshot 8

Step 9: And the final step of this relatively straight forward setup (especially compared to W3 Total Cache), is to Clear the Cache. You can do this from the Tools tab (as shown below), or a little easier is to hover over the WP Rocket button in the header and click Clear Cache.

Clear Cache - Screenshot 9


If you have any questions about this tutorial on How to Setup WP Rocket, please feel free to ask in the comments below and I will try my best to answer them 🙂