Setting up a WordPress site can be a touch daunting.

To help guide you through the process, we have created a step by step tutorial that shows how we setup one of our Live Test Sites ( in March 2016. We hope you find it beneficial!

How to Install WordPress for SiteGround

Step 1: Choose your hosting plan with SiteGround and complete the order process.

Step 2: Straight after the order is complete, the first screen that pops up is shown below.

Select “Start a new website at *****.***” and click Proceed.

How to Install WordPress for SiteGround - Screenshot 1

Step 3: You will then be greeted with an Account Setup Assistant as per below.

Simply choose “Personal / Blog” and “WordPress”, then click Proceed.

SiteGround WordPress Installation - Screenshot 2

Step 4: Choose an appropriate username and password for your WordPress account.

To improve security, it is highly recommended to use a password generator for both.

Step 5: (Optional): Select a theme by clicking Get Template.

Choosing an appropriate theme is easy to do after the install (and probably preferred, as you can see the changes more clearly).

Step 6: Click Submit.

Installing WordPress for SiteGround - Screenshot 3
SiteGround Install WordPress - Screenshot 4

Step 7: Success!! Your WordPress Account is now setup.

The screenshot below includes your Admin URL, lets go visit this URL.

Install WordPress SiteGround - Screenshot 5

Step 8: When you visit the Admin URL, you should see a login page like the screenshot below.

If your Admin URL shows a Coming Soon generic page from your Domain Provider, there’s an extra step below.

WordPress Installation SiteGround - Screenshot 6

Step 9: (Optional) For those with Coming Soon pages, go to your emails and find an Order Confirmation email from SiteGround.

Half way down this email you will find 2 DNS records that need to be added to your Domain Providers Admin Portal.

Look for Nameservers, and replace the existing records (which are usually & with the 2 records SiteGround has provided in the email.

Please be aware that changes to DNS records can take up to 24-48 hours, so unfortunately, you might see the coming soon page for a little while.

WordPress Install SiteGround - Screenshot 7

Step 10: Once you can see the WordPress Login screen (from Step 8), type in your username and password.

You should then be greeted with the WordPress Dashboard below.

And guess what, you have now successfully installed WordPress, Congratulations!!

Install WordPress Tutorial SiteGround - Screenshot 8


If you have any questions about this tutorial on Installing WordPress with SiteGround, please feel free to ask in the comments below and I will try my best to answer them 🙂