As part of the Speed Study on KeyCDN & WP Super Cache, the following steps were completed to setup KeyCDN with WP Super Cache…

KeyCDN Logo 75

How to Setup KeyCDN with WP Super Cache – Step by Step

Step 1: First up, we need to get an account setup with KeyCDN. After signing up and activating through email, click through to Zones.

KeyCDN Account Setup - Screenshot 1

Step 2: Then click + New Zone.

Add New Zone - Screenshot 2

Step 3: Now we will setup a Pull Zone within KeyCDN. Add a Zone Name (“cdn” used in this example)

Steps 4 & 5: Add your Origin URL, which is your homepage. Click Save.

Add Zone Settings - Screenshot 3

Step 6: We now need to wait for about 5 minutes for the Zone to be setup. Once you see the Status change to Active, we’re ready to head into WordPress.

Active Pull Zone - Screenshot 4

WP Super Cache Settings

Step 7: With the Zone now setup in KeyCDN, we head into WordPress and go to the WP Super Cache settings and click on the CDN tab. First up, tick Enable CDN Support.

Steps 8 & 9: Add the Zone URL from KeyCDN (as shown in the Step 6 screenshot above). Then click Save Changes.

Integrate KeyCDN with WP Super Cache - Screenshot 5

Steps 10 & 11: Now it’s time to empty the cache within WP Super Cache as well as in KeyCDN.

Note: When you try to load your site, it may initially have blank images and look all messed up. I found that after waiting for around 5-10 minutes, everything cleared up and the site loaded normally again.

Integrate KeyCDN with WP Super Cache - Screenshot 6
Integrate KeyCDN with WP Super Cache - Screenshot 7


If you have any questions about this tutorial on How to Setup KeyCDN with WP Super Cache, please feel free to ask in the comments below and I will try my best to answer them 🙂