With WP Rocket rolling with Canadian host servers, who is up and about this week in Europe?

Uptime Test – Week 157 Method

  • Compare 6 WordPress Hosts
  • Use 6 Live Sites, each with a Different Host but with Identical Content (you can check them out here)
  • Use Pingdom Uptime Test

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  • Location of Host Server: Canada
  • Location of Test: 10 European Locations
  • Plugins Installed: WP Rocket
  • Frequency of Testing: Every Minute across the Last 7 Days
  • Number of Weekly Tests = 1 x60 x24 x7 x6 = 60,480 (xMinutes xHours xDays xSites)
  • Uptime testing is confirming that the website is actually accessible to visitors
  • An example of why downtime might occur is scheduled maintenance of the server the website is hosted on

Which WordPress Hosts can ace the uptime test this week? 


WordPress Hosts

Identical Live Sites

Weekly Tests

SiteGround Weekly Uptime Results

SiteGround Uptime Dashboard & Response Time Chart

LIGHTNING BASE Weekly Uptime Results

Lightning Base Uptime Dashboard & Response Time Chart

flywheel Weekly Uptime Results

Flywheel Uptime Dashboard & Response Time Chart

kinsta Weekly Uptime Results

Kinsta Uptime Dashboard & Response Time Chart

Pressidium Weekly Uptime Results

Pressidium Uptime Dashboard & Response Time Chart

WP ENGINE Weekly Uptime Results

WP Engine Uptime Dashboard & Response Time Chart

Uptime Test – Week 157 Summary Table

Our hosts have recorded a perfect uptime performance this week, with all 6 hosts achieving the ultimate goal of 100% Uptime (5 hosts also achieved 100% in Week 156): 

  1. Lightning Base
  2. Pressidium
  3. Kinsta
  4. WP Engine
  5. Flywheel
  6. SiteGround

This week’s best performer in Europe is Lightning Base, with a perfect uptime and the fastest average response time of 683ms. 

We have now completed 17 weeks of testing with our 4 new premium hosts. It’s interesting to observe how closely bunched all 6 of our hosts, with Response Times all between 683ms and 784ms. Following 3 weeks of slow response times, SiteGround has continued to recover nicely with the addition of WP Rocket clearly helping. 

For next week’s test, I will change up our test location to Asia Pacific. Will we see any separation in performances as we increase our distance from our host servers in Canada?

Uptime Test Results - Week 157 Summary Table

And this Week’s Winner is…

Uptime Rankings

With 10 weeks of testing on USA servers now complete, click below to find out which host proved to be most reliable so far in 2019.

Which host is most reliable in 2019?