Installing WordPress with a new host can present some challenges.

To help guide you through the installation process, we have created a step by step tutorial that shows how we setup GoDaddy on one of our Live Test Sites ( in March 2016. We hope you find it beneficial!

How to Install WordPress for GoDaddy

Step 1: Choose your hosting plan with GoDaddy and complete the order process.

Step 2: Straight after the order has completed, the first screen that pops up is shown below. Click “Managed WordPress”.

How to Install WordPress for GoDaddy - Screenshot 1

Step 3: Next click the Setup button.

GoDaddy WordPress Installation - Screenshot 2

Step 4: If you are migrating an existing site to GoDaddy, choose this path. For this tutorial, we will click on “Create a New WordPress Site”.

WordPress Install GoDaddy - Screenshot 3

Step 5: Choose the appropriate path for your domain. For us, we had setup a domain with GoDaddy earlier, so we’ll select a domain from our account (in this case

Step 6: And then, its time to setup a username, email and password which will be used when we login into our WordPress account.

To improve security, it is highly recommended to use a password generator for both.

Step 7: Click Finish

WordPress Installation GoDaddy - Screenshot 4

Step 8: We now move through to the final stages of the WordPress setup, simply click Continue.

Install WordPress Tutorial GoDaddy - Screenshot 5

Step 9: Complete the 4 sections:

1. For type, choose Standard (Recommended).

2. Select the most appropriate Industry for your site.

3.&4. (Optional) Update the Title & Tagline that suits the site your going to setup. The reason its optional is because you can change this at any time from your WordPress Dashboard.

Step 10: Click Continue.

Install WordPress Tutorial GoDaddy - Screenshot 6

Step 11: For your theme, choose Twenty Sixteen and click Activate.

This theme is produced by WordPress, so this is a good starting point. You will want to change to a theme that has more features after the installation is complete.

Install WordPress Tutorial GoDaddy - Screenshot 7

Step 12: We are now taken to the WordPress Customizer screen, which is showing a preview of how the site looks at this stage. Click the cross in the top left hand corner to go to the WordPress Dashboard.

Install WordPress Tutorial GoDaddy - Screenshot 8

Step 13: Our WordPress Installation is now complete. We are looking at the WordPress Dashboard and can now start setting up our website. Mission Accomplished!!

Install WordPress Tutorial GoDaddy - Screenshot 9


If you have any questions about this tutorial on Installing WordPress with GoDaddy, please feel free to ask in the comments below and I will try my best to answer them 🙂